Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hello bloggers!!! :)
First, i would like to introduce myself to everyone here.
My name is Jelena, i'm 22 years old.
I live in Croatia, i was born in Switzerland and i lived there 11 years in the beautiful town Davos.
I'm a student, im about to graduate soon..i study business/economy, i also work.
I have a few hobbys, i love photography and art, i draw (mostly graphitti) and i love sewing,fashion and TRAVELING!!! 
I created this blog to show u my own world, i will show u guys my pics, places i visited, some of my drawings, bags i made, things i love and so on.
 hope to make many friends here!

Feel free to add me here!! :)


  1. You sound like a fun and interesting person!! I love almost all the same things as you!!


  2. thx marcy!! :)
    ur the first one that commented my blog :)

  3. tu vives ahí??? es muy lindo ese lugar =)

  4. yes i live in Croatia :) it has many great places :)
    where do u live ??

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