Thursday, 26 May 2011

Some of my drawings ( Graffiti )

I started drawing graffitis many yrs ago, donno exactly how many. My brother was so into hip hop and he draw graffitis in every book, notebooks etc...
So i wanted to know how to make them so i practiced allot.

When i knew how to make them i drew em everywhere.
i showed my friends and all of them wanted one of their names ( i dont know how many of them i made :P )
I made some for the school projects ( few to spray on walls and few to hang on the pin walls ).

i used to make "mini" graffiti ( collored) with my name on the back of my bus card, so it didnt look like everyones bus cards. ( i changed the style so many times on mi card )
And i made one for my sis bus card, then all my friends wanted one, and even people who i didnt know asked me to make one for them too...i loved making them for others. it was so cool that they loved them.
Every graffity for  the bus card was unique, with their fav collors and style...
Too bad i didnt take pics of every graff i made, i would love to show u guys..

i also draw normal stuff, i made one album cover for my friends band too.
i'll show u some of my other drawings (not graffiti) soon, only the one that is finished, i hav many drawings that i started but didnt too lazy to finish them :P

 This one says "antique scream", a band asked me on myspace if i could make a graffiti of their band name.
That was first time a band asked me, and on top of all that they r from USA :D how cool is that? i was so exited that they wanted ME  to make one!! and the graffiti is still on their myspace band page, + when i sent them they used it as their desktop wallpaper ^^ few band members mailed me and said they love it :D i was so happyyy :)